Communication Strategies

Course duration : 20 hours.

Course description :

Communication Strategies

This two-day workshop is designed to help you improve your interactions with other people in your workplace or at home. This workshop gives participants the opportunity to improve the critical communication skills of listening, asking questions and being aware of nonverbal messages. This workshop can also help participants who are struggling to find that middle ground between being too aggressive and too passive, and how to counter the manipulative tactics of difficult people. Participants also learn more about the elements of our communication with others that help us reveal appropriate information about ourselves, and how to get a handle on how to better manage ourselves for a professional image.

 How You Will Benefit:

 Identify common communication problems that may be holding you back

Develop skills in asking questions that give you information you need

Learn what your non-verbal messages are telling others

Develop skills in listening actively and empathetically to others

Learn how to firmly stand your ground and make your feelings heard

Enhance your ability to handle difficult situations without being manipulated

Be aware of the five types of relationships

 What You Will Cover:

10 commandments of positive relationships


Feeling competent

Communication barriers

Asking good questions

Listening skills

Johari Windows

Improving your self-image

Five approaches to relationships

Your frame of reference

The assertive formula

Saying no

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