About us

Company Background

The American International Academy is a company founded by a team of highly motivated business professionals. The company has been established to provide training and educational programs in the field of (IT, Languages and Soft Skills) to training and education centers, training providers, education institution, companies, schools, university, and individuals. Our primary focus is to deliver training solutions for service, project and programmed managers. We also have the ability to offer bespoke tailor made courses for our clients that wish to have personalized content delivered in a private environment.


Our trainers are highly skilled and experienced in their subject areas. They are uniquely positioned to provide delegates with deep industry experience. They are motivated to transfer knowledge through practical support post and pre training to provide delegates with additional support outside the class room environment.

Management Training

The American International Academy provides a wide range of Management & Leadership Training courses that provides our clients with expertise on how to lead teams and build organizational success. The learning paths are focused on developing managerial and leadership excellence.

The below range of management training courses and leadership training courses can be tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs to improve efficiency and deliver results.

Personal Development Training

The American International Academy provides a wide range of courses that will help you improve your performance in the workplace. Our broad range of personal development courses include techniques and approach that will provide you with the skills and confidence to make a real impact with both internal and external stakeholders.

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