Negotiating for Results

Course duration : 20 hours.

Course description :

Negotiating for Results

This is a one-day workshop that provides you with an interactive approach to negotiations. The skills you acquire will help you in your role as mediator and negotiator as well as in your day-to-day responsibilities. You will be encouraged to focus on interests rather than positions, so you can develop relationships of mutual trust, fairness and respect for one another. This is a common-sense approach based upon developing a balanced and lasting partnership to solve workplace problems. You will learn and practice effective communication skills, problem-solving and consensus building, with the intention of turning face-to-face confrontation into side-by-side problem solving.

How You will Benefit:

Understand the benefits of good negotiating skills that take the interests of both parties into consideration.

Have an increased ability to negotiate more effectively by turning face to face confrontation into side-by side problem solving.

Recognize that creating win-win solutions are the only sustainable solutions there are.

Identify those techniques that will be most effective in stressful negotiation situations.

Develop skills that take the interests of both parties into consideration.

What You Will Cover:

Mutual Gains Bargaining

Basic Elements of Negotiation

Criteria for Judging Negotiation Methods

Mutual Gain Options

Negotiation Essentials

Challenges to Negotiating Fear

Preparing for Negotiation

Positional Bargaining and more

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