Human Resources

Course duration : 20 hours.

Course description :

Human Resources Training For the Non HR Manager 

This is a three-day overview of human resource issues facing today\\\'s business owners and managers. You do not always have the expertise to deal with the many employee relationship issues you face, and yet you will be expected to make decisions that are both effective and legal. This workshop will walk you through the hiring process, from performing a skills inventory to conducting the interview; discuss orientation; and cover some issues that arise after the hiring process (such as diversity issues, compensation, and discipline).

Workshop topics:

The latest trends in the human resource field and the changing role of the human resource professional.

How to write job specifications and identify core competencies.

Methods of finding, selecting, and keeping the best people using behavioral description interviewing techniques.

How to get employees off to a good start.

How to deal with compensation and benefits.

How to maintain healthy employee relations.

How to make performance appraisals a cooperative process.

Course Outline

Planning employee orientation

The interview process

Using Behavior Description Interviewing

The importance of job descriptions

Advertising for resumes



Compensation and benefits

Discipline & Termination

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