Course duration : 20 hours.

Course description :

Teamwork: Building Better Teams

Teams have become a principle building block of successful organizations. This one-day workshop is a basic course for team leaders and team members, designed to focus on the characteristics of an effective team player and the elements of an effective team. You will leave the workshop with plans for your personal development as a team player and ideas for developing your back-home team. A critical element of this workshop is the Glen Parker Team Player Survey (PTPS), an 18 item self-assessment instrument that will help you identify your primary team player style, help you increase your personal effectiveness in team situations, and help you effectively develop your group into a high performing team.

Workshop topics:

The PTPS will give you useful feedback about your team player style.

Identify ways you will want to change to improve your team player style.

Better understand and appreciate differences among team members.

Identify those ways your team must improve to be more effective.

Develop an action plan for those improvements.

Course Outline

Your team player style

The strengths of each style

The challenges for each style

Establishing team norms

Building team trust

Working through the stages of team development

Communication skills


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